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I want to help people lose weight for good

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

I want people to never have to buy another weight loss program or book again. I want them to rethink weight loss from a new perspective and realize that changes that they make can become natural and easy.

I also want people to get excited about health and set goals to get healthier, more active and to challenge their old thinking patterns and create new ones. My goal is to help people to learn ways to reprogram themselves. Any belief that they may have had for many years or a lifetime can be changed.

My course, taught as a video with slides or just as audio, will be coming out in two parts Part 1- what when and how to eat for weight loss success and Part 2 is psychological strategies: change your subconscious programming for good.

This course is so different from anything I could find, that's why I created it. I used it during menopause to lose 35 pounds and it has changed every aspect of my life. I used my training as a therapist and a hypnotherapist to write it. My course is nearly ready to be launched- it will come out in early Jan so people can start fresh in the New Year. My Beta launch- where it is being reviewed by a small group of people so I can get feedback and make it even better- will start next week. SO WATCH THIS SPACE and if you want to be part of the test group just reach out, I have two spots left. Part 1 of the course will be offered at a SIGNIFICANT discount (you'll be shocked at how cheap) to this group only.

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