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What is Coaching Anyway?

Coaching is Support, it's helping you dig deep to bring you closer to what you want. It's about moving forward. A coach helps you stay true to your goals. They are there  to keep you on track and to teach you the skills you need to stay with the course. They help you see what you already have inside, to uncover your unique gifts. Also, your coach is your accountability partner, helping you to overcome what is getting in your way so there is no stopping you!


A coach takes your weight loss to the next level. You don't have to do everything alone. Having a coach will increase your likelihood of success more than you could imagine.


I'm Allison Wood, a semi-retired therapist with a passion for helping others achieve their personal goals.


I have been in the Mental Health field for 27 years. After selling my successful therapy clinic I was ready for a change but little did I know I was about to embark on a new exciting journey of self discovery and a new career.​


I have always had a passion for nutrition and wellness. Yet at the age of 50 I had 40 pounds to lose and nothing seemed to help me lose the weight. I was menopausal, with 2 kids and a husband, alongside a busy lifestyle that included work and caring for my parents with dementia. With my knowledge of exercise and nutrition I thought I could lose the weight but it wasn't working.

I really thought I had tried everything.


Eventually I discovered that the changes I needed to make were psychological. I disovered that most popular programs did not target the psychological aspects of weight loss. Yet we go back to these programs sometimes several times thinking this time it will work. The result is that we feel like a failure, and this experience reinforces our beliefs that we can't do it, that we will never reach our goals. ​

So I became my own research subject. I stopped looking outside of myself and started looking within.

I had years of experience in techniques like hypnosis, visualization and imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification and habit development, mindfulness and meditation, parts-work, and inner child work. I also had 9 years experience as a neurotherapist so I had a good understanding of how the brain works. I had spent years teaching clients how to change patterns, and how to get "unstuck". 


I applied everything I knew to myself and it worked!

The weight came off and stayed off,

It also became so much more than about losing weight, my confidence and trust in myself increased tremendously. I learned how to work with, not against, myself and it improved other areas of my life too, I became more productive, more positive, more motivated than ever before. Weight loss became

natural and effortless.

With time as I realized this change was permanent it occurred to me that others would benefit from what I have learned. I wanted to help people who felt equally frustrated and lost, who had tried over and over with no success. I felt like  

I had "cracked the code" and I wanted to teach others how to do the same. 


I made the decision to became a weightloss coach and to create a program to share my discoveries.

I wanted to be a guide, every step of the way, to help people navigate their weight loss journey in a completely new way.  

So Let's Get Started on Your Journey, I can't wait!

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